Traffic School Florida

Although we are headquartered in Tampa, FL, ADES Center is licensed to provide online traffic courses to any resident or driver in the State of Florida. The Florida Department of Motor Vehicles regulates the approval of traffic school providers and courses for Florida residents / drivers. Almost all of our classes are offered in both English and Spanish. The most common driving courses taken by our students online are the following courses:

Most Popular Florida Traffic Classes

BDI FL Traffic School Online1) Basic Driver Improvement – BDI (4 hour class) for a speeding tickets and moving violations. (Also known as Defensive Driving)
Online Class 4 Hour BDI English
Online Class 4 Horas BDI Spanish
IDI FL Traffic Class Online2) 8 Hour Traffic School (IDI) – Judge Ordered / Intermediate Traffic School
Online Class 8 Hour IDI English
Online Class 8 Horas IDI Spanish
Note: The 8 Hour IDI Class DOES NOT satisfy the 8 Hour Aggressive Driver course requirement or the “Driving While License is Suspended” course requirement.

ADI FL Traffic Class Online3) 12 Hour Traffic School (ADI) – Suspended License / Hardship License. After you complete the 12 Hour Aggressive Course successfully online, ADES Center will email you the Completion Certificate for your records.
Online Class 12 Hour ADI English
– The 12 Hour ADI Class is available online only in English. Students may take the 12 hour ADI class in person in Spanish in our Tampa office. Click here to register for our Spanish 12 Hour ADI Class in Tampa.

TLSAE Florida Traffic Class Online New Drivers4) Florida Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education (TLSAE) – Course for New Drivers that can be taken online. This course is required for new drivers.
Online Class TLSAE / Drug & Alcohol English
Online Class TLSAE / Drogas y Alcohol Spanish

5) 8 Hour Traffic School (IDI) – Judge Ordered / Aggressive Traffic School
Online Class 8 Hour Aggressive English
Curso de 8 Horas para Conductor Agresivo en Español

Both our in person classes in Tampa as well as our online classes (100% Online – Mobile/Tablet/PC Friendly) available to any person regardless of your location in Florida via the Internet offer you the following benefits:

  • Eliminates Points and Insurance Increases
  • Florida DHSMV Approved
  • Fulfills Court Orders

Florida Traffic School Reviews

As of November 7, 2018, ADES Center currently maintains a 5 rating on Google out of 203 reviews. You can see some of our reviews below. We would be honored to welcome you as a new Florida traffic school student so we can show you why our customer service makes us one of the most highly rated traffic schools in Florida.

Awesome Class

This class was awesome…. I did not want to come but Leonor made it super fun and enjoyable. I recommend it to anyone if you need to take a class due to your license. Fun active and enjoyable.

Manny Pe?a

Highly Recommend!

Highly recommend! Learned a lot.

Cesar Sanchez

Great Staff

Very helpful and I thoroughly enjoyed the course. The staff was great.

Best Traffic School I Have Attended

This is by far the best traffic school I have attended.

The instructor (Leonor Adams) is very attentive, makes the class interesting in addition to educational (one would think sitting for a 8-12 hour lecture on something we all do would be hell)

Of course, everyone has different levels of knowledge, but this class (and instructor) has an engaging way of teaching and making the class enjoyable.

It was a 2-hour drive to this class, and while the drive was longer than I’d like to have taken, I definitely recommend it for anybody taking this course (I’ve taken other courses that felt like days as opposed to being a surprisingly enjoyable experience)

Ben Orr

More Fun Than Expected

I would definitely recommend this class to anyone. The class certainly makes you think, and want to drive better. And more fun than expected. The teachers are great.

Chief Dread

Good Information

Good information enjoyed looking at certain topics with an unbiased outlook… great class if you come in with an open mind and positive attitude and a willingness to change your driving habits for the better

patrick janowitz

Driving School

I would recommend this class if you had to attend a driving school for whatever reason. I of course didn’t want to attend but once there Mrs. Leonor made the time worth while. With the information given I can say it made me open my eyes to the way I drive. Thank you.

Melissa Strickland

Excelente servicio

Excelente servicio y profesores. Con precios muy comodos

Wilfredo Flores