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Florida Advanced Driver Improvement (ADI) Course

This 12 Hour In Person ADI course is usually required by Florida drivers who have had their license suspended, revoked (Non DUI Related) or have received a court order to attend an Advanced Driver Improvement Class. ADES Traffic School offers this Defensive Driving Course Online, In English and In Spanish. Typical reasons students are required to take this Florida Traffic School Course include:

  • Habitual Traffic Offender (HTO) to obtain a Hardship License
  • Court Ordered 12 Hour In Person class, as part of a sentencing judgment
  • Excessive Points with or without a suspended driver license.

In Person ADI Class Details

The 12 Hour Advanced Driving Improvement Course (ADI) In Person is a one-day class available at our Tampa Center. Please, see class schedule. Students have enough breaks and a friendly educational environment, to make their attendance enjoyable. The classes are conducted in a relaxed seminar style format, and no test is required to complete the course, however; students are expected to actively participate in the seminar discussions in order to receive their Completion Certificate.

In Person ADI Class Themes

The 12 Hour (ADI) Course enlightens students in discovering how their attitudes towards the driving environment, stress, time management, anger management and individual personality traits all play a part in their driving behavior, causing them to be aggressive drivers.

In Person ADI Class Price

ADES promotes Education as a way to improve the understanding of social responsibility; therefore, we are committed  in offering the most affordable Defensive Driving Courses to help people meet their educational needs. The total price of the 12 Hour In Person class is $100.00. It includes the course, classroom materials, all State of Florida fees, and the Completion Certificate. Payments are due on class day. ADES only accepts cash or money orders. No personal checks, No credit/debit cards either. If you cannot afford this class, feel free to contact us to discuss your case.

In Person ADI Class Registration

Registering at ADES is easy and secure. In order to protect your privacy, we only ask for your name and email address, no further information is required until you show up for the class. The information you provide will be used ONLY for the purpose of this class. Walk-Ins are welcome depending on availability. For additional information, do not hesitate to Contact us.

Online ADI Class Details

The 12 Hour Advanced Improvement Course online  are designed for the students to work at their own pace 24/7. Students can sign out at anytime to take a break, the next time they log on, they are returned to the point where they left.  Students can even use a different computer to sign in the next time. Our online classes are very simple to use.  Students log onto our virtual classroom web site and Register online via their normal Internet connection.  Nothing  needs to be downloaded. Once the registration process is finished, the students choose their own password and username to gain immediate access to the course. They will be given an Access Code.

Online ADI Class Process

After students read through the themes of the 12 Hour online class, they will answer the module review questions, and take a final exam.  The computer grades the exam and they will know immediately if they have passed.  They need to get 80% or more correct to pass. The test can be retaken once immediately at no additional charge.

Online ADI Class Certificate

When the 12 Hour Aggressive Course is successfully complete, the Completion Certificate will be e-mailed within 24 business hours. Certificates  are processed two times a day, Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.  It is the student responsibility to  print it and turn it in to the court. We encourage students to complete the final exam within 4-5 business days prior to the court due date to have enough time to deliver the certificate to the Traffic Court. At the students convenience, the certificate can also be sent to them via UPS or FedEx.  A rush fee may apply.  In a real emergency, we can complete your certificate within a couple hours notice!

Online ADI Class Price

ADES promotes Education as a way to improve the understanding of social responsibility; therefore, we are commitment in offering the most affordable Defensive Driving Courses to help people meet their educational needs. The total cost of our online class is $69.99. It includes the course, all State of Florida fees, certificate processing and expedited electronic delivery of the certificate to the provided email address.  There are NO SURPRISE CHARGES at registration time at all. Registration for ADI Online Classes.

Enjoyed My 12-hour Driving Class

I thoroughly enjoyed Leonor in my 12-hour driving class. She made the 12 hours go by fast, and the material was not too difficult.

Lia Jackson

12hr Driving Improvement Class

Today I came into a 12hr driving improvement class dreading and upset that I had to be here. I didn’t think I would leave here learning anything new. Boy was I wrong!!!!!! Mrs. Leonor made this learning experience fun and entertaining. I can honestly say she has positively impacted the way I will drive. She was awesome!!!!!

Alissa Peluyera

Makes the court order 4, 8, or 12 hour course entertaining

Great school. Makes the court order 4, 8, or 12 hour course entertaining so it doesn?t feel like a chore. Very informative if you don?t know the laws of the road. Would recommend!!!

Blayn Samuels

PLEASE CALL AT (800) 733-6874 FOR ONLINE COURSE CUSTOMER SUPPORT. Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.


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More Information from the Florida Department of Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles about suspended license and court ordered class requirements can be found at myFlorida Motorist Services Driver License Information.