Frequently Asked Course Questions

Why should I go to a traffic school?
There are four (4) good reasons to attend an approved Florida Traffic School class.Your insurance company cannot legally raise your rates or refuse to renew your policy solely because of this non-criminal traffic infraction.Zero Points. When you receive a traffic ticket, points are assessed against your driving record. Attending a class will prevent the ticket from appearing on your official Florida driving record as points.You can receive up to an 18% discount on your civil fine if there was no accident involved.If you are ordered to attend traffic school by a court, you must attend in order to keep your license from being suspended or revoked.
How many days do I have to pay my ticket and attend a traffic school?
You have 30 days to pay the ticket. We recommend that you take the class before paying it. That will allow you to pay your traffic ticket (less 18% discount) and provide a copy of your traffic school Certificate to the court as a completed package.

However, the State of Florida does permit you to pay the ticket first (less 18% discount) and then you will get an additional 30 to 60 days to go to a traffic school, depending on which county you received your citation. We strongly encourage you to check with the Clerk of Courts in that county to find out the time you are permitted after paying your ticket.

Remember, if you elect to attend a traffic school class and take the 18% fine reduction, you must attend a traffic school and complete the class before your due date. Failure to complete a Florida traffic school will result in:

  • You are considered to have admitted the infraction and are adjudicated guilty.
  • The points will be added to your Florida Drivers record.
  • You re-paying the amount of the fine you deducted when you elected to attend traffic school.
  • You paying an additional $10.00 processing fee and
  • You paying an additional $16.00 late fee charge.
What if my deadline for completion of traffic school has passed?
See above. However, you can contact your court to see if there is any consideration for an extension of your due date. We cannot extend your due date ?Only a court may grant you that privilege.
How quickly can I finish a course?
The classes are designed for four (4), eight (8), or 12 hours depending on which course you need. If you choose the online classes, these are designed to take the same equivalent time as a traditional in-class traffic school but you work at your own pace and from any computer connected to the internet. There is no maximum time to finish an online course; only your court due date determines when you are required to finish.
How can I pay for a course?
If you attend a Live Class at the ADES Center in Tampa, you can pay by cash, check, or money order. Your payment is due on the day you attend class.

When you attend an Internet Class, you can use your Credit Card or Debit Card. After you fill out the registration form, you will be linked to a secure credit card page where you pay quickly and effortlessly. The payment site is encrypted to make your online purchase safe.

How do I register for a traffic school class?
Registration for Live Traditional classroom courses scheduled at the ADES Center in Tampa must be done at least 24 hours before your class. Contact us for addition information or use our Traffic School Registration Form.

Registration for an Internet Class is simple. You click on the correct button below and you will be taken to the Internet Class registration page. Just complete all the appropriate fields and you can get started immediately. You may also call NTSI Support at 888-312-6874 during normal business hours, and register right away.

How long does it take to get the Completion Certificate?
When you attend traffic school at the ADES Center, your Certificate is provided on the day you successfully complete your class at our Tampa facility. ADES is linked to the Florida DHSMV via the Internet. We print the Certificate for you to give to the Court and provide another copy for your records.

When you register for an online class your certificate is sent electronically to the email address you provide at registration ? at no cost. Generally it is sent that business day, but always within 24 business hours (Monday through Friday). You can print it from any computer and send it to the clerk of courts where you received your citation.

If you do not have a printer and attend an Internet Class, you can elect to have your Certificate sent by regular USPS mail at registration time. If you need it rushed, call NTSI at 888-312-6874 during normal business hours after you have completed your traffic school class. A small fee may apply when you need the Certificate rushed.

What if I have no e-mail address?
You do not need an e-mail address to take our online traffic school classes, but it is the quickest way to receive your Completion Certificate. Correspondence can be printed directly from the course screens. On the registration form under E-mail Address, click on the no e-mail button, if you do not have one. Another option is for you to use a relative or friend?s e-mail address.
Can I use someone else?s computer or Internet service?
You can take our Internet Courses from home, work, a friend or family members house ? ANYTIME ? 24/7. Whatever computer you use, you just need Internet access. You can start on your own computer and finish on another. Our classes also work with WEBTV.
Must I complete an Online Class in one sitting?
Online Traffic School classes are designed for the person who does not have a lot of time. The courses are broken up into sections and you can log off and then log back in at a later time. The computer records the section(s) you have completed. You can log on and off as many times as you wish until you complete the class. You can also do the entire course in one sitting?..it is up to you.
I have already enrolled. How do I get back into the online class?
If you have already enrolled, you have a username and password, and can Login as often as you need to complete your course. If you have forgotten or lost your username or password, call NTSI Technical Support Center at 888-312-6874.
I just got knocked off line in the middle of a section. What do I do now?
Internet users sometimes are knocked off line. This may result from a lost Internet connection, another call interrupting your connection if you are on a single line with call waiting, or simply because your computer crashes. Remember, as you complete each section of the course, your progress is logged. Completion of chapter one, for example, cannot be lost if your answers are submitted to the system and graded. Being knocked off line at any point will bring you back to the start of the next unfinished chapter ? it will not delete previously completed chapters.

Our website is unable to control your Internet connection and inactivity on your part will not result in our system knocking you off line. Any activity requirements will be on the part of your Internet service provider.

Are there any special computer or download requirements to take an online class?
There are no videos to download and no special requirements for your computer. If you are on this screen and at our website, you can typically enroll and complete the course without a problem.
What happens if I fail the final exam for the online class? Can I take it again?
See the table below for your internet course. Listed is the Total times you can take the final exam for your class.

Traffic Safety Class Times to take Final Exam
Basic Driver Improvement (BDI) and T.C.A.C. Class (4-Hours) 4
New Drivers Class (4- Hours) 2
Intermediate Driver Improvement Class (8-Hours) 4
What happens if I fail a security question when I try to Log In? Can I continue with the class?
The security questions are used to ensure that the proper individual is taking the class. You have 30 seconds after the question appears to supply a correct answer. If you answer incorrectly or take too long to answer, the course will be locked. You can reset the course yourself or ask an NTSI technical support person at 888-312-6874 to do so. Please note:
this process will reset the timer for that module back to 0 (you will have to retake that course module).