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12hr Driving Improvement Class

Today I came into a 12hr driving improvement class dreading and upset that I had to be here. I didn’t think I would leave here learning anything new. Boy was I wrong!!!!!! Mrs. Leonor made this learning experience fun and entertaining. I can honestly say she has positively impacted the way I will drive. She was awesome!!!!!

Alissa Peluyera

Best Traffic School I Have Attended

This is by far the best traffic school I have attended.

The instructor (Leonor Adams) is very attentive, makes the class interesting in addition to educational (one would think sitting for a 8-12 hour lecture on something we all do would be hell)

Of course, everyone has different levels of knowledge, but this class (and instructor) has an engaging way of teaching and making the class enjoyable.

It was a 2-hour drive to this class, and while the drive was longer than I’d like to have taken, I definitely recommend it for anybody taking this course (I’ve taken other courses that felt like days as opposed to being a surprisingly enjoyable experience)

Ben Orr

Mrs. Leonor was Very Informative

Mrs. Leonor was very informative, and she really took time to explain how stress and anxiety can cause bad driving. I’ve learned the best way to avoid negative driving situations is to be calm.

Co-B big boi

Awesome Instructor

It?s a great class, awesome instructor. Enjoyed the class. She didn?t try to be boring either. Everyone was involved.

Opened My Eyes and Enlightened Me

It was actually a lot better then I ever imagine. The instructors were amazing. Mr Smith kept it light very humurous but serious points to understand driving and responsibility. Ms Leonor gave amazing wisdom responsibility honesty and respect of driving and the consequences of what can go wrong without following the rules. She also opened my eyes with a lot is self thought, understanding and believe in the person I am and the person I want to become. She opened my eyes and enlightened me to things I didn?t realize within myself as a driver and as a person. I really appreciate this class today.

Jose Rodriguez

Highly Recommended Traffic Class

ADES Traffic School is a very well organized traffic school with a very friendly and informative staff. i have left this class with more than knowledge about the laws of the road, but also about human interaction and self growth in general. Highly recommended class A+++++

Excelente servicio

Excelente servicio y profesores. Con precios muy comodos

Wilfredo Flores

Highly Recommend!

Highly recommend! Learned a lot.

Cesar Sanchez

Great Staff

Very helpful and I thoroughly enjoyed the course. The staff was great.

Time Flew by in Class

Time flew by in this class, the instructor did a great job keeping everyone engaged!

Brad Kane

Instructor is Very Educated

Class was very informative. Live class help gain much experience and the instructor is very educated on how people react from her own experience. great class, wasn’t a bore that I anticipated it would be. Great activities

Chimene Rivera

Enjoyed My 12-hour Driving Class

I thoroughly enjoyed Leonor in my 12-hour driving class. She made the 12 hours go by fast, and the material was not too difficult.

Lia Jackson

Great course to reflect on driving habits.

Covers information on many topics like the point system, and laws regarding driving. Great course to reflect on driving habits. Thanks!

Sam Mora

Good Information

Good information enjoyed looking at certain topics with an unbiased outlook… great class if you come in with an open mind and positive attitude and a willingness to change your driving habits for the better

patrick janowitz

More Fun Than Expected

I would definitely recommend this class to anyone. The class certainly makes you think, and want to drive better. And more fun than expected. The teachers are great.

Chief Dread

Awesome Class

This class was awesome…. I did not want to come but Leonor made it super fun and enjoyable. I recommend it to anyone if you need to take a class due to your license. Fun active and enjoyable.

Manny Pe?a

Genuinely Enjoyed the Class

I genuinely enjoyed this class and learned so much valuable information that I plan to take on the road and in life

Definitely Recommend!

Definitely, recommend! Leonor is amazing and made the course as painless as possible!

Torrey Thomas

Learned More from this Class than I did at my own Driving School

I honestly learned more from this class than I did at my own driving school while first getting my license. I enjoyed the class all together.

Maiya Manley

Driving School

I would recommend this class if you had to attend a driving school for whatever reason. I of course didn’t want to attend but once there Mrs. Leonor made the time worth while. With the information given I can say it made me open my eyes to the way I drive. Thank you.

Melissa Strickland

Not Just about Being a Better Driver but Being a Better Person

I appreciate when people make learning fun as much as being good instuctors. Its what makes a lesson unforgettable and have long personal retention. A lesson i will hold for a very long time. They made a bad scenario for me be fun and educational at the same time. Very unexpected and very appreciated. Im stress free and a better driver thanks to them. Its not just about being a better driver but being a better person in the community we live in and i learned that here. Thanks and dont ever change.


A Great Experience!

This class was very educational. A great experience! I have had to do driving school several times and I would personally recommend this school over any other traffic school!!

Instructors Were Great

The instructors were great and did a great job. They made the time go by quickly in class.

Camaronut 1LE

Highly Recommend this School

Highly recommended this School very professional …

Roniqua Fabain

Makes the court order 4, 8, or 12 hour course entertaining

Great school. Makes the court order 4, 8, or 12 hour course entertaining so it doesn?t feel like a chore. Very informative if you don?t know the laws of the road. Would recommend!!!

Blayn Samuels